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Why Young Living As A Business??

Are you tired of being tied to your job? Do you daydream about a day when you can do what you love and still have time to be with the ones you love? Are you postponing life until retirement? Do you believe that the only way to have Financial freedom later is to sacrifice personal freedom now?

When you own a home-based business, your day begins and ends with FREEDOM! With Young Living, you’ll enjoy the freedom to:

  • Choose your own working hours
  • Be your own boss and choose whom you work with
  • Choose a working style according to your personality
  • Be available for family activities and special events
  • Schedule vacation time on your terms
  • Be more charitable
  • Cultivate friendships
  • Challenge yourself

Owning a Young Living business allows you to avoid corporate downsizing, increasing federal tax hikes, unstable pension plans, limited earning potential, and high commuter gas prices.  The best home businesses sell a product that everyone needs, no one has, and is consumed monthly.


Relationship Marketing is a way of marketing goods or services without a middle man. It is word of mouth marketing. People have been sharing poducts with their friends since the beginning of time, except they were never paid for it. Imagine if you received a check for every time you recommended a great movie or restaurant to a friend!

Young Living rewards you for telling someone about a product or a service you love…it’s as simple as that. No one likes to sell, no one likes to be sold…but everyone loves to buy!